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Wants vs. Needs (2010)

A series of six shrines: Love, Hope, Grace plus Fame, Money and Youth. What do we worship? What do we need more of? What can't we live without?

Gobblings (2009)

The Gobblings series was conceived as a statement about our disposable TV culture* that swallows up everything around it and shits out pop culture, however it expanded beyond that to include any form of gluttony.

*This is not all TV, I really enjoy many TV shows and have mad respect for the medium but certain aspects of it bug me - like entertainment news and so-called serious news which is primarily just a fear factory.

Opportunity Cost (2008)

For every choice we make it means there's another path we didn't take. Maybe good. Maybe bad. Is the bush better than the hand? What will we sacrifice to know the other way?

Faerliens (2007)

Once upon a time we had fairies, nymphs, satyrs, a whole host of magical creatures that lurked in the shadows and corners of our world... but along came the Enlightenment and science and we could no longer believe in such superstitions. But we still needed to believe in them, so we transmorgified them into space aliens - fairies that could exist within the modern world. Faerliens are the marriage of the two and perhaps you have seen one hidden down an alley way, or a doorway, lingering beneath some overgrown greenery.

Alphabet (2006)

Reminiscent of learning materials in elementary school but updated  for our modern adult world.

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